Are you a woman struggling with attention, memory, and thinking skills, and feeling overwhelmed as a result?

You're not alone.

So many women aren't thinking as clearly as they used to - the struggle is real.

Turns out, there are many reasons why you feel this way.

  • Chemotherapy and cancer
  • Menopause and midlife changes
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Brain Fog after Covid-19
  • Age-related cognitive changes 
  • And frankly... it's also natural for things to change a little bit as we get older...

Meet Your 
Brain Health Coaches!

Marilyn Abrahamson

Doreen Bridgman

Our philosophy is:

If your brain has changed, change the way you use it.

We are Speech-Language Pathologists turned Brain Health Coaches with a passion for teaching people how to overcome problems with memory, attention, and thinking.

With over 70 years of collective professional experience between us, we've helped thousands of people overcome challenges with their thinking skills and confidently return to productive lives - being with friends and family, and successfully returning to jobs they loved.  

Let's be real... when you're not able to think clearly, everything in your life gets tougher. As a woman, it can affect your finances, relationships, and your ability to do your job. It even steals your peace of mind and belief in yourself. That's why we're here to help you fix it!

We understand the fear you experience when your brain feels like it's changed. We know your concerns about what could lie ahead, and we'll show you how to rebuild your attention and memory so you can think clearly again.

Our philosophy is:

If your brain has changed, change the way you use it.

That's where the 
Long Live Your Brain program can help.

Long Live Your Brain© is for you if...

You're a woman struggling from brain fog, lack of focus and forgetfulness...

You're feeling self-conscious about your memory and you doubt yourself in social situations...

You've tried all the Post-it notes, planners, and smartphone apps...

You hold back when you should be speaking up because you're concerned that you won't have the words you want to say...

You're worried that you won't be able to do your job the way it needs to be done because you feel foggy and unfocused all the time

Does this sound like you?

Then it's time to address this issue once and for all - and here's why...

Every moment you spend inside your own head thinking about this is another moment you're missing all of the things happening right in front of you... 

That just adds to the problem of not being able to focus. 

And if you aren't focused on what's in front of you, you won't be able to remember it. 

What if we told you that you can conquer your problems with memory and attention without spending any more time than you are worrying about them right now?

Are you ready to take charge of this problem and finally get back your confidence? 


Long Live Your Brain© 

An online group coaching program for women who are ready to feel focused and think clearly again.

It works in 4 steps:

Step 1 - Resetting your mindset for positive change and confidence to set you up for success.

Step 2 - Supporting your brain for higher levels of mental energy and clearer thinking.

Step 3 - Building sustainable habits that will help reduce your risk for memory problems in the future. 

Step 4 - Giving you proven techniques and strategies for laser-sharp focused, and reliable memory.

All of this comes together with a system of techniques and strategies that help you overcome attention and memory glitches so you can regain your confidence.


(See pricing information under the tab that says CLASSES.)



See what our customers have to say about the Long Live Your Brain program!


I really enjoyed the Long Live Your Brain program. It opened my eyes to the fact that memory can be improved if you know how. Thank you!


Doreen and Marilyn were so selfless with all the information they shared in Long Live Your Brain. There was so much information and I feel so much more confident in myself now!


I really enjoyed attending the group sessions in the Long Live Your Brain program. Now, I am consistently using the strategies we learned in my everyday life, and I honestly feel that my attention and memory have improved!

Get Instant Access to:

The Mental Energy Mastery Method

10 Simple strategies to conserve cognitive energy for better brain performance, even when you're exhausted, distracted, and not feeling your best.

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